About Us

What is the 'Why' behind everything you do?

When we identify this 'Why' in Design and Life, the path towards success becomes clear.

Purpose makes communications more meaningful. We are here to embrace your purpose and put your brand's story out there for the world to see and cherish.

The stories we create together won't just resonate with your consumers, they will deliver your purpose and make everyone love your brand.

Our Story

The inception of Catalon was to serve a basic purpose of creating more and more success stories for People, Brands, and Organizations alike. We at Catalon believe that it is not a mere process but a passion to create a brand identity for any and every brand that comes our way and it is this zeal to make a difference that has carried us along and changed our course for us to become the Go-To Agency and a one-stop-shop for all customer requirements. With a unique Digital-First approach, we cater to the Design, Marketing, Video Production, Animation, Branding and Digital requirements of many multinational conglomerates.

Our Approach

Active Involvement

Our team is actively involved in our clients. We don’t believe in just delivery of work.

We work with you and your people to make magic happen.

Flexible Engagement

Every problem is unique, and therefore our approach to solving it is tailored specifically to give the best possible result.

Upwards And Onwards

We are always thinking about scaling up. Growth is not just about increasing sales. For successful and sustainable growth to happen, it needs sales, delivery, HR & process driven execution to go hand in hand.

Consumer Driven Insights

We believe that superior insights come from being closer to the consumer and a step ahead of the market. We, along with our clients, help create a competitive advantage with actionable insights.

Our Magicians